Sunday, February 15, 2009

Best Friends

Im so blessed and lucky to have 2 really great friends! There names are Amber and Tracey! They have shown me True friendship! They have guided me and supported me and counselled me through the good times and the bad! They always given me a shoulder to cry on, and there love! They have taught me so much in the 4 years ive known them. Amber taught me Bible studies, and Tracey taught me that im more precious then rubies and dimonds!! And ive never fogotten that im worth something! And that i am speacil!


  1. Hi Mel

    So glad that Tracey and I have made such a difference in your life. Love you lots.

    As for pictures - do you have a digital camera?

    Lots of love


  2. Hey Mel... write another blog?>! i want to hear the things your up to. hey guess what they pulled down that ugly gazeebo thing in RisdonVale near the bus stop. (im not sure if they are going to put anything else there. Oh, and if your are using blogspot follow me too.